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Small Groups

Small Groups are the life of the Church. The first church met daily in homes to worship God,  have meals together, and care for one another. Small Groups are God centered, Gospel driven, Christ serving, communities of encouragement, strength, and growth in Christ in which people draw nearer to God, and in turn become witnesses for God's reign of goodness and justice in their neighborhoods, i.e. sold-out Christ-followers on God's mission together.

Each Group meets weekly. And though the days they meet and group dynamics are different from group to group, each one is focused on fellowship, support, outreach, and growth in Christ. And even though official "meetings" are weekly, nothing is stopping folks from "meeting" as often as they wish, as we want our small groups to be more than prayer meetings or Bible studies, but to be strong  and redemptive communities in their own right.  The goal of our small groups are discipleship and equipping for the mission.  

Here is a list of small groups and where they meet and what they do. You are welcome to join any of them. We trust you will find any one of them to be communities which honor God above all and are conduits of love, truth, support, strength, growth, and blessing for you.  If you have any questions about Small Groups in general or about a particular small group feel free to contact Pastor Matt by phone or email. 

Matt's Phone-(802) 490-9291


Sunday Morning Group 

     Time:  Sunday Mornings 11:15am-12:15pm 

     SpaceCommunity Bible Chapel 107 Atwood Street, Brattleboro

      Facilitator: Peter and Debbi Doubleday    


      Group Description-Our group seeks to live as genuine followers of Christ and to encourage others to find true hope and meaning through a growing relationship with Him. Our group meets every Sunday to pray for one another, engage in a comprehensive study of the Bible and support each other as we “do life together.” Deep conversations develop as we laugh, share and sometimes cry in caring for one another. Our mixed group, of currently eight members, welcomes new folks to join and grow in a safe environment.

Monday Bible Study 

     Time: Monday Evenings 5:30-6:30 

     Space: Community Bible Chapel 107 Atwood Street, Brattleboro

    Facilitator: Linda Putnam

     Group Description-WBS is a Weekly Bible Study group designed to encourage its members to continue reading Scripture, individually and as a group, in order to promote a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ, gain a fuller understanding of what it means to be a Christian in today's world and how that translates into living our personal lives.  We purpose "to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God."  (Micah 6:8)

Monday Night Group

     Time: Monday Evenings 6:30pm-8
Space: The Stetzel's House 1440 Rt. 5 Guilford, Vermont

    Facilitators: John and Peggy Stetzel


     Group Description-The Monday night Small Group is an intimate home setting. We are focused on learning more about the Jesus and the Bible, learning more about each other and finding ways to share our love of the Lord with our chapel family and our neighbors in the towns around us. We like to have a little fun and enjoy some snacks too!

Tuesday Mom's Group (Starts in September and meets through May)

     Time: Tuesday Mornings 10am to 11:43ish 

     Space: Community Bible Chapel 107 Atwood Street, Brattleboro

     Facilitator: Rachel Miller 

     Group Description-A friendly place for Mom's to be real. Just let the kids play and unwind with fellow moms. 

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