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Sunday Gathering


Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday and thereby brought us into his eternal life and rest. So his followers gather on Sundays to worship him; to break bread at his table (Holy Communion)remembering his sacrificial death on the cross, and to celebrate his resurrection. 


Sunday Gatherings at CBC are spirit-filled offerings of heartfelt praise to God: the Creator, our Savior, and the King of the Universe. We sing. We pray. We teach. We remember Christ's death. We celebrate His resurrection. We fellowship in Christ's love. Straightforward, but genuine, passionate, and healing; full of grace, truth, joy, peace, community, faith, hope, and love.

All are welcome to join us. We believe everyone is beautiful, yet broken; made in God's image and also in need of the salvation, life, and healing found in Christ. In the presence of God, each other, and Christ's blood, there are no favorites, no stigmas, no divisions, just the universal need for Jesus. 

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