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Sunday Gathering

Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday and thereby brought us into his eternal life and rest. So his followers gather on Sundays to celebrate his resurrection,  to break bread at his table (Holy Communion) remembering his sacrificial death on the cross, and to grow in friendship with each other. 

During these gatherings we celebrate Christ through prayer; the reading of Scripture (the Bible), singing, the teaching of Scripture, The Lord's Supper, and a light brunch following the service affectionately named, "Coffee Hour". 

The goal of our singing time is to lift us as one to the joy and love of God, and to celebrate our redemption and salvation in Christ.  Our worship team works hard in prayer and practice in order to make a joyful noise to our Creator. 

The goal of our teaching is that through the preaching and hearing of the Scripture we may hear from God and be inspired to pursue what Jesus calls the kingdom, i.e. heaven on earth.

The The Lord's Table, a.k.a The Lord's Supper a.k.a. Communion is a celebration and remembrance of our redemption in Christ's death, his broken body, and his shed blood. 

The goal of Coffee Hour is to build relationships. 

All are welcome to come and see or participate in this weekly celebration. 

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